Friday, July 31, 2015

Bringing this Blog Up to Speed

I began this blog in 2010 when I was embroiled in the anti-fracking battle that was sweeping through the state of Pennsylvania.

Things didn't go our way in 2010 but fighting for mother earth changed me.  It changed the way I think and, because of that, it changed the way I live my life.

Over the last five years I have planted, composted, recycled, upcycled and harvested.  I have learned about saving energy and saving money.  I have transitioned from vegetarian to vegan.  I have learned to counter the things that I can't control by those that I can.

I am not expert by any means and there is (and will always be) a lot more to learn but I thought that it might be fun to revive this blog and share this wonderful journey with whoever wants to tag along.  

This year we have two raised bed gardens, an ordinary garden and medicine wheel herb garden.  Next year we will have rain barrels and - if we're very lucky - a small flock of chickens.  In year three, I'm hoping we can learn more about renewable energy and decrease our dependence on the utility companies I will never be able to completely forgive.

I am especially excited about the chickens.  I won't feel bad about eating eggs if I know that the birds are happy and cared for, of course.  But it isn't just, or even mostly, about the eggs.  This is something I have always wanted to do.

We have plans to become active within the community.  This includes establishing a group to network and support others interested in sustainability and related topics, sharing information and possibly some community service activities when doing this feels right. 

Hope you'll check back to see how it goes!


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